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  • Scraping FIFA Men’s Ranking data using python

    When the world cup started, I got curious about teams and their FIFA World Ranking. I also wanted to see how the ranks of different countries have been throughout the history. This ranking was introduced in December 1992 and a point based system is used for this. Points are awarded based on the results of international […]

  • Installing and Configuring Jupyter Lab on Windows as a Desktop Application

    Jupyter lab is an interactive development environment and the way forward for people using Jupyter notebook. It has become one of the most preferred ways to code in data science field and academia. Notebook cell-based structure was very convenient for doing data exploration, model building etc. but it was lagging in creating and running scripts or […]

  • Introduction to Python Dictionary

    Python has a unique data type known as dictionary or python dictionary. It provides a very easy and flexible way to store and organize values. In essence, it is like a list as it can also store multiple values. There are two major difference between list and python dictionary and they are:- Indexes – List […]

  • Things aspiring data scientist can take from Kaggle Data Science Survey – 2017

    Things aspiring data scientist can take from Kaggle Data Science Survey – 2017
  • Introduction to SQLite using Python

    Introductory tutorial of SQLite using Python.SQLite is a zero-configuration SQL database engine and can also be considered as a file-based database. It is a very small and lightweight database which has no external dependencies. It can be a very useful tool for data analysis process as you can create RDBMS structure from within your code and then run queries on the whole table in an efficient manner,  without any need of server installation or configuration. We will explore SQLite basics in this tutorial. Python has an in-built sqlite3 module, which can be used to work with SQLite database.

  • SQL Query in Python – SELECT

    I had been using SQL extensively to work on the tabular data format. So, when I started learning python, it was essential for me to write SQL query in python. Knowing this, really helped me in using python extensively for data exploration process. I hope that people who are learning python for data analysis and […]

  • How to install Xgboost on Windows using Anaconda

    Xgboost is one of the most effective algorithms for machine learning competitions these days. The only problem in using this in Python, there is no pip builder available for this. So when I tried using pip builder I got this error. Its installation on windows is not straightforward and might seem daunting at first. Also, […]